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mp3Tag Pro downloads ID3 tags from Amazon, FreeDB, Discogs, MusicBrainz. It can also download lyrics and album art automatically for any number of music files. In order to download tags from Discogs, select all tracks of an album. On the middle toolbar (in the "ID3 tags" area), click the arrow next to the "Generate tags" button.
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This is exactly the procedure I have done. Cannot test again because don't know how to force discogs to request again the authentication code. I can't get this to work either and previous attempts to ask for help both here and on discogs have led to people basically talking to me like I'm an idiot because I don't understand how to code.
Changelog. We don't have any change log information yet for version 3.6.1 of Kid3 Audio Tagger for Mac. Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated.
Re: Discogs Tagger 5.44 (Updated: 2016-11-10) Post by crap_inhuman » Sun Nov 20, 2016 11:24 pm I add the option to limit the releases getting from Discogs.
Also you may get album info and download covers via online databases like freedb, Discogs or MusicBrainz. You can create playlists in one click and export your collection to HTML, Excel or any user-defined format. Program has easy-to-use multilingual interface and built-in audio player.
Metadata lookup > Discogs Tagger. Discogs Tagger 5.7.9. Download Support. Auto-Tag addon gets track/album information from discogs.com and musicbrainz.org. Please click the support button for more info about OAuth at Discogs and how to use it ! By crap_inhuman Submitted by crap_inhuman ...Download Mp3tag, a powerful and easy-to-use tool to edit metadata of audio files Mar 14, 2016 · A Discogs Tagger If you have digitized your Music collection, then there is a real boon in not just identifying your songs but maintaining the links to the Music database they have been matched to. For example you can list your collection on Discogs, you might want to just share your music preferences or you may be interested in trading some of ...
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